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DSO Module
  • DSO Module

     ‧Probe compensation
    2kHz, 3Vp-p, Square wave ‧Interface A0~A7, B0~B7, Ext CLK, VDD, GND connect to LAP-C

    145 x 70 x 25 mm

    < 0.2kg
    Parameter measurement
     ‧Cursor measurement
    time difference, voltage difference

    ‧Automatic parameter measurement
    Maximum, minimum, high, low, peak-to-peak, amplitude, rms, mean, overshoot, undershoot, median, frequency, Cycle, positive wave width, negative wave width, positive cycle ratio, negative cycle ratio, rise time, fall time
    Triggering system
     ‧ Trigger Mode
    Auto, Normal, Single

    ‧ Trigger Source
    CH1, CH2, Logic channels from LAP-C

    ‧ Trigger Coupling

    ‧ Trigger Slope
    Rising, Falling

    ‧ Trigger Level
    Vertical system
     ‧ Bandwidth
    DC ~ 20MHz

    ‧ Input Channel
    2 (CH1/CH2)

    ‧ Input voltage scale
    100mV, 200mV, 500mV/div at 1:1 Probe 1V, 2V, 5V/div at 10:1 Probe 10V, 20V, 50V/div At 100:1 Probe

    ‧Input Coupling

    ‧Input Impedance

    ‧Maximum Input Voltage
    ± 20V (DC+AC pk) at 1:1 Probe
    ± 200V (DC+AC pk) at 10:1 Probe
    ± 2000V (DC +AC pk) at 100:1 Probe

    ‧Vertical Position
    0V Adjustable

    ‧DC Accuracy
    ± 3%
    Capturing Sys.
     ‧ Sampling Frequency
    100M, 50M, 25M, 10M, 5M, 2.5MS/s Selectable

    ‧ ADCs
    100MS/s 8 bits ADC x2

    ‧ Record Length
    32k, 16k, 8k/ch Selectable
    User Guide Download
     DSO Module User Guide
    • Features

        As the name implies, a mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), or a digital signal oscilloscope module (DSO Module), can work with LAP-C series to measure both digital and analog signals. Meanwhile, packet data can be viewed at the same time.

      With DSO plus LAP-C, you may keep the PC-based logic analyzer in compact and lightweight features, while performing more signal measurement!
      Highest sampling
        ‧ 100MS/s

      ‧ Band width

      ‧2 channels
      Software user interface
        Expansion for LAP-C
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