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LAP-C Pro(32128M)

LAP-C Pro(32128M)

Quick Start Guide: Download
 LAP-C Pro Quick Start Guide
 126 x 95 x 25 mm
Threshold Accuracy
Threshold Range
 -6V ~ +6V
Power supply
 USB bus-power (+5V)
Phase error
 <500 ps
Special software features
 .Zooming and panning
.Waveform and UI Customization
.State list and Waveform view
.Packet list
.Waveform Navigator
.Memory view
.File Comparison
Operating system
 Windows (10/8.1/7)
Data transmission
 USB 3.0 (compatible with 2.0)
Pattern Generator
 I2C, SPI, UART(RS-232C/422/485), CAN
Memory depth per channel
Total Memory
Sampling rate
 .Internal (Timing)(Asynchronous) max. 2GHz
.External (State)(Synchronous) max. 250 MHz
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  • Features

    Pattern Generator
      Speed up the development process! Even for unfinished objects, the Spec-compliant signal can be sent to the object that needs to be tested together, and the test can be verified in different environments.
    Long-Time Record
      The function is used to stream samples directly to disk. Up to 32 channels can be streamed using USB 3.0. The long-time record function can be used to acquire signals from 7 hrs and up to a month depending on the sampling setup
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