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LSG020 Analog Signal Generator
  • LSG020 Analog Signal Generator

    LSG020 analog signal generator offers 100kHz to 20GHz frequency coverage with 10ms frequency switching speed. It can be used independently or combined with the chassis to form a test system.

    Saluki LSG series signal source is the cost-effective choice when you need to balance budget and performance. It provides the signals you will need for radar performance evaluation, high-performance receiver test and components parameter test etc..


    Key Features:

    • Frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz
    • Frequency resolution: 0.1Hz
    • Harmonic (clutter) suppression: better than 45dBc (65dBc)
    • Amplitude dynamic range from -50dBm to +15dBm
    • Pulse and FM modulation method
    • USB control, independent application
    • Small size 175×150×21 mm, easy to carry
    • Can be used independently or combined with the chassis to form a test system



    • Specifications

      Frequency Range

      100 kHz to 20 GHz

      Frequency Resolution


      Frequency Switching Speed

      10ms (CW mode)

      Temperature Stability

      ≤ ±1 ppm/year

      Internal Reference Output

      10MHz, ≥ +4dBm ( nominal into 50Ω load)

      External Reference Output

      10MHz, Sine

      Sweep Mode

      Step sweep, List sweep

      Dwell Time

      1ms to 100s

      Trigger Mode

      Free run, External, Timer, Bus (USB)

      Output Power Range

      -50dBm to +15dBm

      Output Power Resolution


      VSWR (CW Mode)

      •  100kHz – 6GHz: <1.9:1

      •  6GHz – 9GHz: <1.7:1

      •  9GHz – 15GHz: <2:1

      •  15GHz – 20GHz: <2:1

      SSB Phase Noise (CW Mode)

      -104dBc/Hz @ 10kHz, 10GHz

      Harmonic (CW Mode)

      •  100kHz – 300MHz: ≤ -30dBc

      •  300MHz – 6GHz: ≤ -35dBc

      •  6GHz – 15GHz: ≤ -45dBc

      •  15GHz – 20GHz: ≤ -55dBc

      Non-Harmonic (CW Mode)

      ≤ -60 dBc (full range, >90% frequency points)

      Sub-Harmonic (CW Mode)

      •  100kHz – 15GHz: ≤ -70dBc

      •  15GHz – 20GHz: ≤ -60dBc

      Analog Modulation

      FM, Pulse, Narrow pulse, Internal pulse generator

      RF Output Connector

      SMA (female), 50Ω nominal

      Remote Programming Interface

      USB 2.0

      Power Supply

      12 VDC, maximum 15 watts


      159 (W) × 37 (H) × 190 (D) mm (with rubber gaskets)


      ≤ 800g


      (Note: see more detail information in the ‘Resource’ – ‘Datasheet’)

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      LSG020 Analog Signal Generator 100 kHz to 20 GHz
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