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PeakTech P 1360
  • PeakTech P 1360

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 1360» 100 MHz / 2 CH, 1 GS/s touchscreen oscilloscope"


    The PeakTech 1360 is a 100 MHz 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope of the latest generation with a high-resolution TFT touchscreen and extensive additional functions. It has a sampling rate of up to 1 GS/s and convinces with its high quality and easy handling with the best price / performance ratio. Due to the 12-bit A/D converter which is used, this model has 16 times the resolution compared to an 8-bit oscilloscope, which ensures a much finer waveform resolution and allows the user to find even the smallest deviations. The many functions can be controlled using the function keys and rotary controls or via a comfortable touchscreen operation. For example, select the menus, time base, sensitivity, or active signal line displayed on the screen. The zoom function or file management with the keyboard field displayed can also be operated using the touchscreen.

    • Specifications

      Sampling 1 CH: 1 GS/s
      Sampling 2 CH: 500 MS/s
      Bandwidth: 100 MHz
      Battery: Li-Po 13200 mAh (optional)
      Channels: 2 CH
      Display Type: Touchscreen TFT
      Hor. scale max.: 100 s/div
      Mains voltage: 110/240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
      Memory depth: 40.000.000 Points
      Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixel
      Rise Time: < 3.5 ns
      Screen size (TFT): 20 cm (8")
      Vert. resolution: 12 Bit
      Vert. scale max.: 10 V/div
      Vert. scale min.: 1 mV/div
      Integr. AWG:
      Integr. DMM:
    • Technical features

      • 2-channel oscilloscope with 100 MHz analog bandwidth at max. 1 GS / s sample rate
      • 12 bit A / D converter with 4096 quantification levels
      • 20 cm (8 “) TFT touchscreen for user-friendly operation
      • Integrated 25 MHz / 1 CH arbitrary waveform generator
      • Integrated digital multimeter with 4000 counts
      • WiFi, LAN, USB host & USB device
      • Recording length of max. 40 million points
      • Optional battery: "Akku 6" model
      • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II 400 V
      • Accessories: USB cable, software CD for Windows, power cord, 2 probes, BNC cable, carrying case and manual
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