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PeakTech P 1575
  • PeakTech P 1575

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 1575» Laboratory power supply DC 1 - 32V / 0 - 20A & USB"


    The PeakTech 1575 is a high-performance power supply for a maximum of 32V / 20A DC, equal to 640 W continuous power. The double function buttons (coarse and fine adjustment) allow an easy, precise and quick adjustment of the voltage and current values ​​due to the rotary encoder and the microprocessor control. Alternatively, there is a connection socket on the back for analog remote control and a preset switch for three preset output values. All settings for output current and output voltage as well as time programs and a data logger function can be implemented using the included PC software. With the USB interface on the back of the device it is possible to connect the power supply to a Windows PC. The intelligent fan control adjusts the speed of rotation to the respective temperature and output power. The output voltage and current limit can also be set in the open circuit without a connected load. Thanks to its high performance and compact design, this power supply series is ideal for professional applications in industry and mechanical engineering.

    • Specifications

      Channels: 1 CH
      Display Type: Segment
      Input connector: IEC socket
      Input voltage: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
      Output Connection: 4 mm Plug, Pole terminal (rear)
      Output Current: 0 - 20 A
      Output Voltage: 1 - 32 V DC
    • Technical features

      • DC laboratory switching power supply with max. 32V / 20A
      • 3-digit, green 15mm digital displays
      • Pole terminals with an additional 4mm socket (on the back)
      • 4 mm safety sockets for 5A max. (Front)
      • Rotary encoder with coarse & fine adjustment at the push of a button
      • USB interface and PC software for remote control
      • Three adjustable presets via slide switches
      • Analog remote control via rear socket
      • Temperature controlled case fan
      • Safety: EN 61010-1
      • Accessories: manual, power cord, adapter for analog remote control
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