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PeakTech P1285
  • PeakTech P1285

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 1285» 100 MHz/2 CH, 1 GS/s PC oscilloscope with USB&LAN"


    This small and powerful PC oscilloscope is ideal for mobile use on laptops or permanent installation in control cabinets. To quickly display each incoming waveform, simply press the Autoset key and the oscilloscope itself searches for the best possible display. Of course, all models in this series have an XY mode and an FFT function. The data is transferred to the PC via an isolated LAN connection or with the USB interface, whereby the device is supplied with the necessary voltage directly via USB.

    • Specifications

      Sampling 1 CH: 1 GS/s
      Sampling 2 CH: 500 MS/s
      Bandwidth: 100 MHz
      Channels: 2 CH
      Hor. scale max.: 100 s/div
      Hor. scale min.: 5 ns/div
      Mains voltage: 110/240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
      Memory depth: 10.000.000 Points
      Rise Time: < 3.5 ns
      Vert. resolution: 8 Bit
      Vert. scale max.: 5 V/div
      Vert. scale min.: 2 mV/div
    • Technical features

      • 2-channel 100 MHz PC oscilloscope with 1 GS/s sampling rate
      • Memory length of 10 million points per channel
      • Isolated LAN connection for data transmission with power supply for power supply
      • USB connection for data transmission and power supply
      • Max. Input voltage: 40 Vpp (USB) or 400 Vpp (LAN)
      • Accessories: probes, USB cable, BNC cable, mains adapter, user manual, software CD
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