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PeakTech P2175
  • PeakTech P2175

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 2175» LCR-Meter, 11000 Counts, 20H, 110 mF, 20 MΩ"


    This digital LCR measuring device has a large 4 ½-digit LCD display (max 11000) for quick and precise reading of measured values. The measuring device is equipped with a large measuring range of up to 110 mF, which is used when testing capacitors in the Audio / HiFi or amateur radio area. Inductors (coils) can be measured up to 20 H and resistances up to 20 MΩ. The device also includes a diode and continuity test function. Thanks to its simple operation and technical performance, the PeakTech 2175 is the ideal helper in the service and repair area.

    • Specifications

      Capacitance max.: 110 mF
      Digital counts: 11.000
      Display Type: LCD
      Inductance max.: 20 H
      Ingress protection: IP 67
      LCR functions: C, L, R
      Range selection: Auto
      Test freq.: Non-selectable
      OHM max.: 110 MΩ
    • Technical features

      • 4 1/2-digit 27 mm LCD display (max. Display: 11000)
      • Backlight illumination and Data-Hold function
      • Large measurement ranges for a various applications
      • Accurate measurements from approx. 0.5Ω, 1nF or 10µH upwards
      • Handy design with non-slip and shockproof housing
      • Minimum and maximum value function
      • Relative value measurement function
      • Diode test and continuity test function
      • Auto-Power-Off function
      • Safety: EN, 61010-1, IP67 dust and waterproof
      • Accessories: test leads, bag, battery and manual
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