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PeakTech P2510

PeakTech P2510

Product information "«PeakTech® P 2510» Energy Meter with 0,1 W resolution"


The PeakTech 2510 is a power analyzer with a large LCD display. Measured power can be recorded with the analyzer, but it is also possible to record and display various voltages, currents, power factors and many other variables. Several electrical variables are attracted during a measurement, so it is possible to show the power and the cos φ at the same time. The PeakTech 2510 has an RS-232 interface, whereby the measured data can be transmitted and read out. These and some other functions make the power analyzer the perfect addition to any laboratory.

  • Specifications

    Display Type: LCD
    Over voltage category: CAT II 600 V
    Power factor: 0,01 ... 1,00
    Power max.: 1000 kw (transducer), 6000 W (direct)
    V DC max.: 600V
    Wat hours max.: 10000 kWh
    A AC max.: 10 A (direkt), 1000 A (Stromwandler)
    Hz max.: 1 kHz
    OHM max.: 20 kΩ
    V AC max.: 600 V
    A DC max.: 10A (Direct), 1000A (Transducer)
  • Technical features

    • 0.1 watt resolution for high measurement accuracy
    • Current measurement through direct probe connection through inductive clamping or via current transformers
    • Automatic range selection
    • Measured value and peak value hold function
    • Alarm function when the limit values ​​for Hi / Lo are exceeded
    • Operation of the device either on batteries or via AC / DC adapter
    • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II 600 V
    • Accessories: software for Windows, RS-232C interface cable, test cable, batteries and manual
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