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PeakTech P2525
  • PeakTech P2525

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 2525» 3-phase motor direction indicator, LED display"


    Direction indicators are indispensable for use in the electrical assembly of three-phase motors. The PeakTech 2525 offers two different functions for displaying the direction of rotation. In normal use, the test leads are connected to the live terminals, with an R / L display showing the later direction of rotation of the electric motor. In addition, this model can be used for the contactless determination of the direction of rotation of switched-off or not connected motors. Place the switched-on measuring device on the motor parallel to the longitudinal axis without test leads. Now turn the shaft of the motor, the measuring device now shows a right or left movement.

    • Specifications

      Display Type: LED
      Over voltage category: CAT III 300 V
    • Technical features

      • Display of existing phases and rotating field L / R
      • Test leads with removable crocodile clips
      • Area of ​​application for 3-phase measurements from 120 .. 400 V AC
      • Determining the direction of rotation of motors even without a mains connection
      • Safety: EN 61010-1; VDE-0411; VDE-0413-7; CAT III 300 V; Protection class IP-40
      • Accessories: test leads, crocodile clips, bag, 9 V battery and manual
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