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PeakTech P2715
  • PeakTech P2715

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 2715» Digital LOOP / PSC loop impedance tester"


    The PeakTech 2715 is a loop tester which is used to test the safety of electrical systems. These device measures the impedance of the short-circuit loop between the outer conductors of a circuit, whereby the probable short-circuit current is calculated. The protection of the circuit (miniature circuit breaker) must therefore trigger at a lower current than the expected short-circuit current, in order to avoid excessive heating of the lines and thus a fire risk. The PeakTech 2715 is due to its function and its robust design almost indispensable when performing new installations, but also for general checking of electrical systems, this device is the ideal companion.

    • Specifications

      Digital counts: 2.000
      Display Type: LCD
      Loop resistance: 20 Ω, 200 Ω, 2000 Ω
      Over voltage category: CAT III 600 V
      PSC: 2 kA, 20 kA, 200 A
      V AC max.: 250 V
    • Technical features

      • 3 1/2 digit LCD measurement display with backlight
      • For measuring the loop impedance
      • To measure the expected short-circuit current (PSC)
      • Checks the mains and correct wiring before the measurement
      • Suitable for measuring AC voltage
      • Safety: EN-61010-1; CAT III 600 V, double insulated housing
      • Accessories: case, test leads, batteries and manual
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