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PeakTech P2800A
  • PeakTech P2800A

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 2800 A» Laser distance measuring device up to 40 meters"

    This professional laser distance measuring device with multi-line LCD display, which has a backlight, was specially designed for high-precision distance measurements. The selection buttons for the functions of addition, subtraction, Pythagoras, area and volume calculation enable fast and reliable measurements. Up to 99 measured values ​​can be recorded in the internal memory so that the measured values ​​can be called up at a later time. In addition, a 90 ° angle at the lower end of the measuring device can be folded out to ensure precise alignment with the measuring point. As a result, this laser distance measuring device offers a variety of functions for daily use in the construction sector, architecture, gardening and landscaping or many other areas.

    • Specifications

      Addition / Subtraction:
      Area calc.:
      Display Type: LCD
      Distance max.: 0,05 ... 40m
      Indirect meas.:
      Memory (internal):
      Volume calc.:
      Water level:
    • Technical features

      • Distance measurements up to 40 m
      • Indirect measurement (Pythagoras)
      • Surface and volume calculation
      • Addition and subtraction function
      • Continuous, MIN and MAX measurements
      • Self-triggering measurement from 1 second to 60 seconds
      • Memory for the last 99 measured values
      • Spirit level and tripod thread
      • Class 2 laser; <1 mW; 620 nm - 680 nm
      • Automatic shutdown
      • Accessories: batteries, bag and manual
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