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PeakTech P3385

PeakTech P3385

Product information "«PeakTech® P 3385» Analog multimeter, 600V AC/DC, 10A AC/DC, CAT III"


This analog multimeter has a variety of measurement functions, such as the measurement of AC and DC voltage, direct and alternating current or resistance measurement with an acoustic continuity tester. Due to the analog technology, batteries are only required for functions such as resistance measurement, in which the multimeter has to output a test voltage. The voltage and current measurement, on the other hand, does not require any voltage from the batteries. Special protection is provided by the housing, which is provided with a sprayed-on rubber coating and is protected against falling damage. User safety is also guaranteed via the CAT III 600V overvoltage category.

  • Specifications

    Display Type: Analog
    Over voltage category: CAT III 600 V
    V DC max.: 600V
    A AC max.: 10A
    OHM max.: 2 MΩ
    mA DC max.: 500mA
    V AC max.: 600 V
    A DC max.: 10A
    mA AC max.: 500 mA
  • Technical features

    • 20 measuring ranges; 75 mm mirror scale
    • Input resistance: 20 kΩ / V DC - 9 kΩ / V AC
    • Continuity test with acoustic signal
    • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT III 600 V
    • Accessories: bag, test leads, batteries and manual
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