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PeakTech P3430

PeakTech P3430

Product information "«PeakTech® P 3430» Digital multimeter, 20,000 counts, TrueRMS & USB"


Professional digital multimeter with large (21mm digit height), easy to read and illuminated LCD display. This model has a high basic accuracy (0.05%), True RMS measurement for AC voltage & current, maximum / minimum value storage (MAX-MIN) as well as peak value recording and a high resolution with a maximum display of 22,000 counts. All measured values ​​can be transferred to a PC via the integrated USB interface and recorded, evaluated and further processed with our free software "PeakTech DMM-Tool". The automatic measuring range selection ensures user-friendly operation, only the measuring function has to be selected, but not the exact measuring range. In addition to the extensive measurement functions for voltage, current, capacitance, frequency and resistance, this model has a continuity test with an acoustic signal and a diode test.

Software: DMM Tool compatible - download in the service area

  • Specifications

    Basic Accuracy DC: +/- 0,05%
    Battery: 1,5V AA
    Capacitance max.: 220 mF
    Digital counts: 22.000
    Display Type: LCD
    Over voltage category: CAT III 1000 V
    Range selection: Auto
    True RMS:
    V DC max.: 1000V
    A AC max.: 10A
    Hz max.: 220 MHz
    OHM max.: 220 MΩ
    mA DC max.: 220mA
    mV DC max.: 220 mV
    µA DC max.: 2200 µA
    V AC max.: 750 V
    mV AC max.: 220 mV
    A DC max.: 10A
    mA AC max.: 220 mA
    µA AC max.: 2200 µA
  • Technical features

    • 21 mm, 4 1/2-digit LCD display with backlight and 46-segment bar graphics; Max. Display: 22000
    • Fully "PeakTech DMM Tool" compatible
    • True RMS measurement for ACV and ACA
    • USB 2.0 interface for the transmission of measurement data
    • Measuring rate: approx. 4x / sec. (2x / sec via USB)
    • Diode and continuity test function
    • Measured value, maximum value and minimum value hold function
    • Automatic and manual range selection
    • Automatic switch-off and battery status display
    • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V
    • Accessories: test leads, bag, USB interface cable, software for Windows, batteries and manual
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