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PeakTech P3434
  • PeakTech P3434

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 3434» Acoustic cable detector with tone generator"


    This cable detector works acoustically and offers a quick and inexpensive solution to find voltage-free lines in the house installation, to test telephone lines, to identify individual cables / wires or to carry out a continuity test. With the transmitter / sound generator, a carrier signal is modulated onto an electrical conductor, which you can track with the receiver / amplifier and the integrated speaker or via a headphone. You can also adjust the sensitivity using a rotary wheel on the receiver in order to carry out the best possible identification. When connected to a telephone socket via the RJ-11 connector, the LED of the transmitter indicates the status of the active telephone line between "free", "busy" or "ringing". In addition, the transmitter has a continuity test, which lights up when passing through and weakens as the resistance increases.

    • Specifications

      Display Type: Acoustic
      Volt-free measurement:
    • Technical features

      • Transmitter modulates 1 kHz signal on the connected line
      • Reliably identifies electrical conductors, telephone and network lines
      • With acoustic signal via speaker or headphone
      • Adjust the volume / sensitivity using the rotary knob
      • Condition assessment of active telephone lines
      • Integrated continuity tester
      • Accessories: carrying case, tone generator, receiver, batteries and manual
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