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PeakTech P3690
  • PeakTech P3690

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 3690» 4000 counts multimeter, environmental measurements"


    The PeakTech 3690 is a digital multimeter that combines the properties of the most common 4 environmental measurement functions. With the humidity and temperature measurement any ambient temperature, which can influence the measurements of some devices, can be measured and recorded at any time. This is done by the integrated sensor, which is installed in the upper area of ​​the multimeter. Furthermore, a temperature measurement of Surfaces is possible with the enclosed Type-K thermocouple. By measuring the illuminance, which is specified in lux, the user is able to determine the illuminance of workplaces or room lighting. The sound level measurement function is used in areas with a high risk of excessive volume, but simple volume measurements can also be carried out with the device. The PeakTech 3690 is a regular multimeter with functions such as voltage measurement, current measurement, resistance measurement and many more.

    • Specifications

      Air temperature: 0 °C ... 50 °C
      Basic Accuracy DC: +/- 1,0%
      Capacitance max.: 100 µF
      Digital counts: 4.000
      Display Type: LCD
      LUX: 0 ... 40000 Lux
      Over voltage category: CAT III 600 V
      Range selection: Auto
      Relative humidity: 33 ... 99 % RH
      Sound level: 35 ... 100 dB
      V DC max.: 600V
      A AC max.: 10A, 20 A
      Hz max.: 10 MHz
      OHM max.: 40 MΩ
      Temp. max.: 1300 °C
      Temp. min.: -20 °C
      mA DC max.: 400mA
      mV DC max.: 400 mV
      µA DC max.: 4000 µA
      V AC max.: 600 V
      mV AC max.: 400 mV
      A DC max.: 10A, 20A
      mA AC max.: 400 mA
      µA AC max.: 4000 µA
    • Technical features

      • 3 4/5-digit display, max 4000 counts
      • Sound level measurement, lux meter, humidity & temperature measurement
      • Diode and continuity test
      • Overload protection
      • Automatic and manual range selection
      • Measured value holding function and relative value measuring function
      • Automatic switch-off and battery status display
      • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT III 600V
      • Accessories: test leads, temperature wire sensor, bag, batteries and manual
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