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PeakTech P4350

PeakTech P4350

Product information "«PeakTech® P 4350» TRMS Current Clamp Meter, 4.000 Counts, 80 A AC/DC"


This clamp meter is designed for small cable diameters up to 12 mm, leakage currents up to 5 A with a high-precision resolution of 1 mA, and currents up to 80 A with 100 mA resolution. Furthermore, this device is rounded off by highly precise measuring functions for voltage, current, capacitance, resistance and frequency measurements, as well as a temperature measurement using the enclosed Type-K sensor. In addition to the measurement functions, the device also offers function keys for minimum and maximum value displays, a measurement hold function and a switchable LED light for measuring point lighting. The profile of the P 4350 is rounded off by the true effective value measurement (TRMS). Due to its versatility and the respective features, this device is the ideal tool for every electrical installer in energy and building technology, as well as service technicians in the electronics sector.

  • Specifications

    Capacitance max.: 500 µF
    Display Type: LCD
    Over voltage category: CAT III 600 V
    V DC max.: 600V
    A AC max.: 80 A
    Hz max.: 10 MHz
    OHM max.: 50 MΩ
    Temp. max.: 760 °C
    Temp. min.: -20 °C
    mV DC max.: 500 mV
    V AC max.: 600 V
    mV AC max.: 500 mV
    A DC max.: 80A
  • Technical features

    • 3 4/5-digits 27mm LCD display (max. 4999) with backlight illumination
    • Suitable for leakage & residual currents
    • Current measurements up to 5 A at 1 mA resolution
    • Current measurements up to 80 A with 100 mA resolution
    • Multimeter measurement functions for voltage, frequency, resistance and capacitance
    • Continuity and diode test
    • Temperature measurement function with K-type probe
    • Data-Hold, MAX/MIN-Hold
    • Relative value measurement function
    • Auto Power Off
    • Safety: EN 61010-1, CAT III 600 V
    • Accessories: Case, test leads, K-Type thermocouple, battery and manual
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