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PeakTech P4390
  • PeakTech P4390

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 4390» Digital Multimeter, 6.000 Counts, TrueRMS"


    Compact digital multimeter with 3 5/6-digit LCD multifunction display (max. 6000), 63-segment analog bar graph and integrated USB interface for logging the measurement data on a PC. In addition to the measuring functions for current and voltage, this multimeter can also measure capacitance, frequency, resistance and temperature. Direct and alternating currents can also be recorded with high precision in the measuring ranges µA, mA and A.

    Software: DMM Tool compatible - download in the service area

    • Specifications

      Basic Accuracy DC: +/- 0,5%
      Battery: 9V Block
      Capacitance max.: 1000 µF
      Display Type: LCD
      Over voltage category: CAT III 600 V
      Range selection: Auto
      True RMS:
      V DC max.: 600V
      A AC max.: 10A
      Hz max.: 10 MHz
      OHM max.: 60 MΩ
      Temp. max.: 1000 °C
      Temp. min.: -20 °C
      mA DC max.: 600mA
      mV DC max.: 600 mV
      µA DC max.: 6000 µA
      V AC max.: 600 V
      A DC max.: 10A
      mA AC max.: 600 mA
      µA AC max.: 6000 µA
    • Technical features

      • 21 mm, 3 5/6 digit LCD-display with backlight; max. display: 6000
      • True RMS RMS measurement and USB interface
      • Temperature measurement: - 20 ° C to + 1000 ° C
      • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT III 600 V
      • Accessories: test leads, holster, carrying case, type K thermocouple, temp.-hFE-Adaptor, USB interface cable, software for Windows, battery and manual
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