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PeakTech P4955

PeakTech P4955

Product information "«PeakTech® P 4955» IR-Thermometer -50 … +2200°C, Datalogger, Video"


Professional "5 in 1" environmental video measuring device with a dual laser for exact target area determination for fast, accurate and non-contact surface temperature measurements. An additional type K measurement input is available on the device for direct contact measurements or differential measurements of surfaces. The integrated photo function displays the measured object with the temperature displayed and other measurement data such as air humidity and dew point temperature and can be saved in the internal memory or on a microSD card. The integrated data logger saves all measured values ​​which can be evaluated and processed on the PC. Ideal for documenting important measurements in the industrial sector, electrical engineering, maintenance and service work, quality assurance, construction and energy consulting.

  • Specifications

    IR Temp.: -50°C ... 2200°C
    Dew point:
    Digital counts: 2.000
    Display Type: Color-TFT
    Distance/Spot: 50:1
    Emission factor: Selectable
    K-Type connection:
    Memory (internal):
    Relative humidity: 0 ... 100 % RH
    Snap shot / Photo:
    Video recording:
    Wet bulb temp.:
  • Technical features

    • 5,6 cm (2,2") colour TFT-LCD display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixel
    • Graphical menu settings
    • Infrared-, typ-K-, humidity-, air-temperature-, dew point and wet bulb temperature measurement
    • Optical resolution 50 : 1
    • Adjustable emissivity factor 0,1 ... 1,0
    • Fast response time and high accuracy
    • Record photos (JPG) and videos (3GP-intern)
    • Datalogger for all measurement functions
    • Internal memory and MicroSD Slot
    • USB-interface for data transfer and battery charging
    • Safety: EN 60825-1
    • Accessories: case, AC-adaptor, USB-cable, type-K-thermocouple, Li-Ion battery, MicroSD-card 2 GB, tripod and manual
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