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PeakTech P5610A
  • PeakTech P5610A

    Product information "«PeakTech® P 5610 A» Thermal Imaging Camera with photo recording, USB"


    The PeakTech 5610 A is a versatile thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 220x160 thermal pixels, which shows temperature differences easily recognizable for every user. Use this new development e.g. to detect thermal bridges in thermography, leaks in systems and pipe systems or track heating pipes in walls and floors. In electrical engineering, this thermal imager offers the possibility to find contact problems and contact resistances easily e.g. in sub-distributions and thus to prevent a fire hazard in time. This device also has five different color palettes for thermal imaging, as well as five overlay modes for photo to thermal imaging, so that the user can easily locate the source of the error in the real image or one of the image overlays.

    • Specifications

      IR FOV: 27° x 35°
      IR Temp.: -20°C ... 300°C
      Analisys / Thermography:
      Display Type: Color-TFT
      IR sensitivity: 0,07 °C
      IR thermal resolution: 220 x 160 Pixel
      Screen size (TFT): 7 cm (2,8")
      Snap shot / Photo:
    • Technical features

      • Latest IR thermal imaging camera technics
      • 2.8 "LCD color display and graphical menu navigation
      • Thermal image resolution of 220 x 160 pixels
      • Photographs with integrated digital camera
      • Pictures with emission factor and measurement values
      • Five Steps to Thermal-Photo overlay
      • Five color palettes (Spectra, Iron, Cool, White, Black)
      • Crosshair, and Cold- / Hot-spot display
      • Also suitable for higher ranges (e.g. building thermography)
      • Imaging with time and date documentation
      • USB interface for data transfer
      • IP 54 protected against dust and splash water
      • Accessories: carrying case, USB cable, charger and manual
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