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PeakTech P6070

PeakTech P6070

Product information "«PeakTech® P 6070» Digital Laboratory Power Supply with USB"


The PeakTech 6070 is a linearly regulated laboratory power supply. All output values ​​of current and voltage can either be set directly by pressing a key or increased and decreased in 0.1V / 0.1A or 1V / 1A steps. In this way, lengthy setting of the desired value using the rotary control can be avoided. It is also possible to activate the integrated key lock, which can be used to secure the device against unauthorized changes to the initial values. All output values ​​can be read precisely on the large digital display, which is resolved over the entire range with 1mA and 10mV. The transformer of the laboratory power supply ensures a safe electrical isolation between the primary (input) side and the secondary (output) side. Due to the many properties of the control and the safe technology, this laboratory power supply is suitable for many areas of application, e.g. in the laboratory, workshop and industry.

  • Specifications

    Channels: 1 CH
    Cooling: Passive
    Display Type: Segment
    Input voltage: 115 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Output Current: 0 - 5 A
    Output Voltage: 0 - 30 V DC
  • Technical features

    • 4-digits 25 mm LED-display for voltage and current
    • Current and voltage setting in idle mode
    • Output switchable
    • USB for remote control
    • Software for timed programs
    • Passive cooling
    • Overload protection and short circuit
    • Safety: EN-61010-1
    • Safety-Transformer: EN 61558 - 2 - 6
    • Accessories: power cable, software CD, USB cable and manual
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