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PeakTech P6230

PeakTech P6230

Product information "«PeakTech® P 6230» Power Supply with automotive power socket"


The PeakTech 6230 is a laboratory power supply that release a fixed output voltage of 13.8V. This voltage can be variably set between 10 - 15V DC using a potentiometer. Via the 12V "automotive power socket" connection, this power supply is able to release a current of 10A DC. The pole terminals are located on the rear of the device, making it possible to provide a current of up to 33 A for circuits or devices. The PeakTech 6230 is mostly used in the automotive industry because it is perfectly suited for testing various devices and components. Due to the connection socket in the front of the device, but also because of the pole terminals, which can release high currents, it is an indispensable device for the maintenance and servicing of motor vehicles.

  • Specifications

    Input connector: IEC socket
    Input voltage: 115 - 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Output Connection: Cigarette Lighter Socket, Pole terminal (rear)
    Output Current: 0 - 33 A
    Output Voltage: 10 - 15 V DC
  • Technical features

    • Power factor control
    • User adjustable fine tune setting 10 - 15 V
    • Binding pole and cigar socket DC output
    • Rear pole clamps for loads up to 33 A.
    • Red LED as overload indicator
    • Accessories: power cable and manual
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