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S3101 Series Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • S3101 Series Cable and Antenna Analyzer

    S3101 series cable and antenna analyzer is developed for on-site test. S3101 series is designed to determine if a cable and antenna system is working properly and locate the source of the problem with DTF function. S3101 series cable and antenna analyzer can boosts your efficiency of troubleshooting and testing speed.


    Key Features:

    • Frequency range from 1 MHz to 4GHz/8GHz, high speed, high accuracy
    • Build-in E-cal kit, easier and faster
    • PC software available, easy data management
    • Build-in GPS reciever, users can get the current location information through external GPS antenna
    • 7-inch bright LCD touch screen, small size, low weight, robust, 8h battery life, perfect for site use
    • Eight measurement functions: Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, DTF Return Loss, DTF VSWR, Smith Chart, 1-Port Phase, Power Measurement


    One of the Best Cable & Antenna Analyzer You Need

    S3101 series has been optimized for field conditions, ease of use, and efficient sweep management capabilities. S3101 series offers 2 modules to choose: 1 MHz to 4 GHz, and 1 MHz to 8 GHz.


    Typical applications and scenes


    •  Wireless service provider

    •  Cable and antenna system contractor

    •  Military and defense

    •  Public safety


    Convenient User Experiences


    Equipped 7-inch high brightness LCD screen, touch screen and physical keys dual operation.


    Also S3101 series has a variety of Auxiliary Test Interface:

    •  External storage, USB/SD card supported

    •  GPS antenna interface

    •  10MHz Input/Output port

    •  Built-in electronic calibration kit or mechanical calibration kit


    Variety Measurement Functions


    S3101 series integrated multiple measurement functions:


    •  Return Loss

    •  VSWR

    •  Cable Loss

    •  DTF Return Loss

    •  DTF VSWR

    •  Smith Chart

    •  Port Phase

    •  Power Measurement


    A Variety of Accessories Available


    Multiple accessories can be chosen to meet your requirement.


    •  GPS antenna

    •  N-DIN adapter

    •  Test port extension cable

    •  Mechanical calibration kit
    •  USB power sensor


    (More accessories see “Ordering-Options”)

    • Specifications

      Frequency Range

      S3101A: 1 MHz to 4 GHz,

      S3101B: 1 MHz to 8 GHz

      Frequency Uncertainty

      ±2×10-6 (23°C)

      Frequency Temperature Stability

      ±1×10-6 (10°C)

      Frequency Resolution

      1 kHz



      •  Mechanical calibration: ≥ 42dB

      •  Mechanical calibration: ≥ 35dB


      •  1MHz – 6GHz: ≥ 42dB

      •  6GHz – 8GHz: ≥ 36dB

      Source Match

      ≥ 31dB

      Reflection Track

      ± 0.08dB


      •  Test Port: Type-N (f)

      •  10MHz Ref In/ Ref Out: BNC

      •  GPS Antenna Port: BNC

      •  Data Storage: USB, Mini USB, Mini SD

      •  Network Port: LAN RJ45

      •  Audio Port: Headphone port

      Output Power Range

      0 to -30dBm

      Return Loss

      •  Range: -100dB to 100dB

      •  Resolution: 0.01


      •  Range: 1 – 65

      •  Resolution: 0.01

      Cable Loss

      •  Range: 0 – 30dB

      •  Resolution: 0.01dB

      Sweep Points

      2 – 1001

      Sweep Time (10k IF bandwidth)  
      Battery Life


      •  8h, without embedded E-cal kit

      •  6h, with embedded E-cal kit


      •  4h

      Power Adapter

      110V/220V, 50Hz AC


      295 (W) × 205 (H) × 70 (D) mm


      2.5kg (with battery)

    • Ordering

      Main Machine

      Module No. Item Description
      S3101A Cable and Antenna Analyzer 1 MHz to 4 GHz
      S3101B Cable and Antenna Analyzer 1 MHz to 8 GHz


      Module No. Item Description
      S3101-01 USB power measurement software /
      S3101-03 GPS Antenna /
      S3101-04 S87230 USB Continuous Wave Power Sensor Frequency range 9kHz - 6GHz
      S3101-05 S87231 USB Continuous Wave Power Sensor Frequency range 10MHz - 18GHz
      S3101-06 S87232 USB Continuous Wave Power Sensor Frequency range 50MHz - 26.5GHz
      S3101-07 S87233 USB Continuous Wave Power Sensor Frequency range 50MHz - 40GHz
      S3101-10 Type N Male Calibration Kit SAV20201A Frequency range DC - 9GHz
      S3101-11 Type N Female Calibration Kit SAV20201B Frequency range DC - 9GHz
      S3101-12 N-DIN Adapter L29/N-KJ-T
      S3101-13 N-DIN Adapter L29/N-JJ-T
      S3101-14 Test Port Extension Cable (Low Loss) N-JK (80cm)
      S3101-15 Test Port Extension Cable (Low Loss) N-JJ (80cm)
      S3101-16 Functional Soft Case /
      S3101-17 Electronic calibration kit (Embedded) /
      S3101-18 Hard Case (Carrying Case) For safety transportation
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