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SDG800 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • SDG800 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

    Main Features

    • Sine wave frequency up to 30 MHz
    • 125 MSa/s Sampling Rate, 14 bit vertical resolution
    • 16 kpts Arbitrary Waveform Length
    • Abundant Modulation types: AM\DSB-AM\FM\PM\FSK\ASK\PWM\SWEEP\BURST
    • Standard Arbitrary wave edit software
    • 3.5 inch display
    • Specifications

      Bandwidth 10 MHz、30 MHz
      Sample Rate 125 MSa/s
      Channels 1
      Arbitrary Waveform Length 16 Kpts
      Frequency Resolution 1 μHz
      Vertical Resolution 14 bit
      Waveform Sine,Square,Ramp,Pulse,Gaussian white noise,46 types of built-in Arb
      Max.Amplitude ±10 V
      Size Width×Height×Depth=229 mm×105 mm×281 mm
      Interface USB Host, USB Device
      Modulation Types AM、 FM、PM、FSK、ASK、DSB-AM、PWM、Sweep、Burst
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