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SDL1000X/X-E series Programmable DC Electronic Load
  • SDL1000X/X-E series Programmable DC Electronic Load

    Main Features

    • DC 150 V/30 A, maximum total power 300 W/200 W
    • Adjustable current rise/fall rate 0.001 A/μs~2.5 A/μs
    • Four static/dynamic modes: CC/CV/CP/CR
    • Readback resolution 0.1 mV, 0.1 mA
    • Specifications

      Output SDL1020X/X-E(Single channel):DC 150 V / 30 A,total power 200 W
      SDL1030X/X-E(Single channel ):DC 150 V / 30 A,total power 300 W
      4 Modes CC/CV/CR/CP
      CC Dynamic mode Continuous, pulsed, toggled
      Frequency(Max.) CC Dynamic mode: 25 kHz
      CP Dynamic mode:12.5 kHz
      CV Dynamic mode:0.5 Hz
      Current Rise Time Range 0.001 A/μs~2.5 A/μs
      Readback Resolution SDL1000X:0.1 mV,0.1 mA
      SDL1000X-E:1 mV,1 mA
      Protection Mode OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP and LRV protection
      Other Function List operation function,Auto-test,Battery discharge function,OCPT/OPPT mode,External analog control
      Display 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display, capable of displaying multiple parameters and states simultaneously
      Interface Built-in RS232/USB/LAN communication interface, USBGPIB module (optional)
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