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SPM power sensor

SPM power sensor

SPM-18 power sensor is designed to measure power of continuous harmonic microwave signals. The diode detector is used as conversion element, which provides measurements in wide dynamic and frequency ranges.

SPM power sensors are used in manufacturing, tuning and testing of equipment and microwave assemblies for radio electronics, communications, instrument engineering and measuring equipment, both in laboratory and in field.

  • Main capabilities

    • Power measuring of continuously generated microwave
    oscillations from 0.01 GHz to 18 GHz;
    • Absolute and relative power measurement modes;
    • Displaying results in linear and logarithmic scales;
    • Logging measured data in computer file;
    • Correction of measured data in accordance with external
    device transmission coefficient;
    • Audible notification when the measured value exceeds
    the specified range.

  • Ordering information

    Basic supply set

    1) Power sensor SPM-18.
    2) USB cable: type A-B, 1.8 m.
    3) USB charger: 5V, 1000 mA.
    4) Operational documentation.
    5) Carrying case.

    Additional accessories

    Upon request, the power sensors may be supplied with microwave cable assemblies, adapter kits, attenuators.

  • Specifications

    Parameter Typical value
    Operating frequency range 10 MHz…18 GHz
    Power measurement range −50…+20 dBm (10 nW…100 mW)
    Maximum allowable basic measurement error ±8.0%
    ±0.33 dB
    Input VSWR
    10 MHz to 18 GHz 1.3
    Wave impedance 50 Ω
    Conncector type N (male)
    Continuous battery operation time, min.
    with backlight 8 hours
    without display backlight 16 hours
    Charging time, max.
    with charger 3 hours
    via USB port 8 hours
    Operating conditions
    ambient temperature +5…+40 °С
    relative humidity at 30 °C, max. 90%
    atmospheric pressure 537…800 mmHg
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 177 × 48 × 32.5 mm
    Weight 0.35 kg
0.00 ₪Price
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